we ♥ copper & copper ♥ us

with Siru Juntunen, Mikko Laajola, & Romulus Studio


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part of Frontiers in Retreat residency // supported by Helsinki International Artist Programme // exhibited at Excavations, curated by Jenni Nurmenniemi (HIAP) in dialogue with Saara Hannula (The BodyBuilding Project) // 12 June - 30 August, 2015 // Galleri Augusta, Helsinki


Copper (Cu) is one of the longest-standing companion elements of humans through history, and it still operates as a fundamental conductor of power and data today. It is also present in our bodies, a metal necessary for life. The we ♥ copper ♥ us web page follows the conversations around different social media about this metal. The website is powered by platinum, copper, silicon, gold, aluminium, and many other nonhuman agents, thus it is a place where these elements can potentially 'follow' what humans think of them.

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The we heart copper hearts us website is hosted locally on a web server situated inside a 'copper tunnel' at Galleri Augusta, Suomenlinna, as part of the show Excavations. The project further materialises in installation and performance situations at different locations in Finland. The metals supporting it come from many places. The posts are sourced from Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. The content of the posts remains property of the users, in accordance with the regulation of the respective services.

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