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Mirko Nikolić with Adelia da Silva Nieto, Charley Vines, Helena Martin, Lauren Gray, Kiron Muhammad, Naomi Ching, and Sasha Adamczewski.

3 December 2014. Performed as part of "Despite Efficiency: Labour", curated by Emma Brasó. Herbert Read Gallery, UCA, Canterbury.


In offices and classrooms, comfortably typing or drawing vectors, humans are heating the planet. Magical action at a distance. Myriad of steps seem to lie between a laptop and the forest outside window, passages running through ‘mutual cores’ of micro- and hyper-objects. Chains of causes after effects entangled with causes, collateral effect. Or correlations, more or less probable, proveable, pliable to graphic or algorithmic revelation. How can we ever know, who makes causes and effects in a quantum-driven pluriverse?

On 3rd of December, at Herbert Read Gallery, OOEL team performs a one-day experiment based on as big as possible data. The hypothesis is that there is some linkage between the volume of internet traffic on the university campus, the plants’ photosynthesis, and carbon-dioxide concentration in the air. The resonances among the distinct processes, if determined, could subsequently lead to a more efficient ecological management. To do so, the precise correlation between elements needs to be modeled, estimated, if not guessed. The numbers will tell the story.

Performance documentation. Video: Louisa Love. Photo: Louisa Love and Mirko Nikolić. Editing: Mirko Nikolić.