mi   n e ra l i  z ac i  j a

we ♥ copper & copper ♥ us vol. 3

with Aleksandra Mitovski, Duško Jelen, Marika Troili, Tuomas A. Laitinen

performance, film, installation. 2016.

For some 85 million years now, copper has been living in the soil of East Serbia. In this region, around seven millennia ago, humans encountered blue mineralisations of copper in the surface and a complicated relationship of desire and possession began. This affair continued through different periods of Bronze and Iron Age, the Antiquity and Middle Ages, as generations of miners sought hard for ‘red metal’. The modern copper and gold mine in Bor area has been active for 111 years now. New deposits are in sight, and a large multinational concern is laying plans for a gold mine. By definition, geological processes unfurl over time spans beyond human reach. However, in Bor, where the earths are being turned upside down, humans fold deep pasts into accelerated present-futures, creating immense holes, sulphuric clouds, metal-saturated waters in the process.

mineralizacija is the documentation of a collective performance that took place among various sites relating to metal industry in East Serbia. It is the third part of the broader we ♥ copper & copper ♥ us research project (2015-17) that seeks to reimagine the present narrow-blinded circuits of desire of humans towards metallogenic rocks. In this part, copper moves through the complex supply chain that runs from the mining pit to electronical devices, but in reverse. Facilitated by the industry, workers and scientists, a handful of copper molecules performs a series of metamorphoses: they are recycled from electronic waste, they crystallise again, then they melt together with slag from the smelter. These new/old rocks are finally unmined, deposited one by one back into the Old Pit of the Mining and Smelting Combine Bor. Through a future interaction of earthly elements and forces, a new mineralisation may come into being, or yet another formation… Copper love takes time, deep time.

It has seen things we humans wouldn’t believe... becomings of oolites, concretions, stalactitic-formations, -reniform & -botryoidal-accumulations... all these moments will be lost in time... like tears in a furnace... time for metalmorphosis....

Produced within Frontiers in Retreat (Culture Programme of EU), during the residency with KC “Grad”, Belgrade (2015-16), with kind collaboration of E-reciklaža Jugo-Impex, RTB Bor, and Technical Faculty of Bor. Supported by the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information.