collaboration with Marika Troili

Kompositie / Compositions, Mustarinda. 11 June - 16 August 2015

come on, they had to cross paths sometime somewhere
they did already, but shall we do something?
look at it
it looks at it
we are again at how a being can take another being without...?
but we are clearly outside that kind of golden section, in the middle of a real mess
that gap over there needs yet to be dissolved, or not
seeing is a matter of part of the world implicating itself mutually with another, or something like that, it was said
so can we fit together?
what makes you think that they would like that
now we are talking fancy volcanoes
keep the camera close
okay, alright, but we need to deliberate with it first, here and now is the spot
what is the thing... do or to know?
its language is not that much of a..., if we could presume its existence in the first place
at the same time, a lot is possible just by failing to forget the key
the danger is in the corridor, we’ve been told
sure, how can such a meeting ever take place, it must be a romantic cliché
how about solidarity
we must understand it as a full-blown individual, that is the basic ground
to begin with, shall we follow it?
or, it will either return or drift someplace else, as most tend to do
this one has yet to been seen, out of the blue like this
what would you like to ask?
as you full well know, there is another party that seems to have a more urgent question
or there could be a secret agreement
things are not supposed to work like this, among the shadows
everything is at stake there, i believe
do you feel safe now?
i can’t sleep until we know what happened
it is ongoing
...with or without us...
i feel like no cuts can be made
and this changes everything! as plain as day
what about its ways though?
that will have consequences
makes sense
it would mean a...
many many ones


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