i n  tr   a-d  a    nc   e    wi      th    t     ree    s   ,   d  u ne     s   , a    n   d    s       e   a

workshop / speculative philosophical text, arduino circuit (developed in collaboration with Emilie Giles)

Inter-Format Symposium on Flux of Sand and Aquatic ecosystems. Nida Art Colony, Nida / 23 May, 2014

Open exercises in synchronising with environmental agents of the Curonian Spit landscape — trees, sand dunes, and sea — through a dance-like activity. Dancing here is not really a leisure-time activity of ‘enjoying the nature’ but a hypothetical form of immaterial labour through bodily and affective investment on-site. Activity of ‘intra-dance’ does not have a tangible product or output, it is a form of net—work, of working the net, a kind of a lay version of animistic rituals, and/or a techno-ecological assembly with other-than-humans for a time of post-Anthropocene.