d an  c i  n  g   e  co   l  o   l  o  g i es

performance / various plants, arduino circuit (developed in collaboration with Emilie Giles)

various locations / September - October 2013 >

dancing ecologies performs human-nonhuman ‘ecological labour’ through a conjunction of rhythms. Performer follows the rhythm of the light absorption of the plant, which manifests its activity of photosynthesis, mediated by a technological circuit. This everyday practice or exercise is meant a speculative way of ‘working-together’ with a plant, intersecting the ‘immaterial labour’ of body movement and (to us) invisible, thus immaterial, labour of the plant.

dancing ecology 0.10. London / 24 September 2013

dancing ecology 0.45. Utrecht / 2 October 2013

dancing ecology 0.50. London / 4 October 2013

dancing ecology 0.61. London / 5 October 2013

dancing ecology 0.63. London / 5 October 2013

dancing ecology 0.70. London / 7 October 2013