c   o u  n ti    ng       l   i  ve        s t      o  c  k   (s   )

performance / sheep, the Woolmark Company & AWI data, wool, various objects

Zlatibor, Serbia / 2 October, 2014

performed with Divna Jovanović, Miladin Dabović, Radmila Radosavljević

In times of general financialisation and informatisation, everything is translatable into numbers. Quantification divides space and time into homogeneous units, and, accordingly, unique living beings are reduced into a set of measures, making them compatible with the ‘functional interoperability’ of markets, ready for economic exchange. Because of the impacts these processes bear on humans and nonhumans, an ecological question is: what is measurable, what is immeasurable, what lies ‘beyond measure’? Can the numbers be used to shape different rhythms and scales of labour?

Produced within the residency programme Frontiers in Retreat, supported by Cultural Front Belgrade. Hosted by Muzej 'Staro Selo', Sirogojno.

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