a  l l  th    a   t    i s   a    i  r   m e lt  s      i n   t o   ci   t    y

performance, installation, website / dragon trees, various types of data, CO2 meter, near infra-red photography, various objects

peformed with Declan Driver and Steffen Michels

London, arebyte gallery / 1–18 May, 2014

A situated materialisation of the intangible circulation of carbon-dioxide through non-human and human ecologies. Through a ten-day walk across London, a series of potential financial exchanges of carbon stocks is enacted through speculative itineraries enacted by a ‘carbon convoy’, documented via an online data-stream and archived in a gallery installation. The project questions and examines the intra-action between, on the one hand, the ungraspable speed of contemporary economic flows and transactions, and the temporalities of the bio- and atmosphere on the other.

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