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Ackim Mkali Ackim Mkali @MkaliAckim
Restoring Power in all our departments for continuous production of Copper … After Heavy Load Shedding. https://t.co/h7PpJF6zT9
2 days ago
Profiles Georg Profiles Georg @PLT_cheater

@fioraesoterica @bofh453 the narrative is that most people who are not vegan and don’t have heavy monthly blood los… https://t.co/l2Twlvv3gw

2 days ago
GRDWands GRDWands @GrdWands

Pair of antique style wands with stand. Copper, quartz, kyanite. Message for more details #WANDS #magic #crystals https://t.co/IyXjcf5wgw

2 days ago
right_in_the_tockles right_in_the_tockles @in_the_tockles

@Copper_Stallion oh shit i thought this was #campLICKBOI for a sec. looks like you guys are havin fun!

2 days ago
Katie Jane Collins ✈ Katie Jane Collins ✈ @katiejcollins

Just trying to blend in with the foliage 🌿 The shiny new copper structure in the background is called the Vessel an… https://t.co/fAC1ett6bp

1 week ago

Sanitary & Plumbing Fitting

Electrical Fitting Accessories


Earthing Accessories

Hose Fitting

Precisi… https://t.co/rG6KVK6aOl

1 week ago
Transition Metals Transition Metals @TransMetalsCorp

Duntara Copper property #spotlight: sediment hosted copper property on the bonavista peninsula, eastern Newfoundlan… https://t.co/5A0YpOvroV

2 weeks ago
Pacific Empire Minerals Corp. Pacific Empire Minerals Corp. @PEMC_V

“While the copper space has recently seen its fair share of concerns regarding a potential supply shortage, some an… https://t.co/lFgvCW9iXG

2 weeks ago
wannabe arya stark wannabe arya stark @JessaFettA0050

@ThatKevinSmith This was our boy Copper. He was only 11 when we had to say goodbye but he was a good boy. https://t.co/PC3UOyGGGv

2 weeks ago
BuyEZ BuyEZ @FelixBamirin

KZ ATES ATE ATR HD9 Copper Driver HiFi Sport Headphones In Ear Earphone For Running With Microphone Headset music E… https://t.co/5OVqCafnuo

2 weeks ago
Mick Mick @oriordanmick

@mccoy007_coy I dress a sedge with hot orange baby seals fur ribbed with fine copper wire palmered with red game co… https://t.co/77BwpEiDKt

2 weeks ago
rita garcia rita garcia @Rita5353Rita

How would these copper-dipped mason jars look holding flowers around your house? #DIY #lifestyle https://t.co/SFRoFye7Ly

2 weeks ago
Disproportional Disproportional @Disprop43323127

@tyler_casper Mine is a piece of petrified wood I found while walking somewhere in Texas a buddy of mine wrapped it… https://t.co/tSPxxhUvhU

2 weeks ago
Interco Trading Co. Interco Trading Co. @intercotrading

Interco specializes in #recycling red metals especially #Copper #Yokes. For more info DM or call Bob (618) 501-0232… https://t.co/Md3cVAzgXx

2 weeks ago
Scott Porter Scott Porter @neffsporter

Taylor Jo & The Copper Creek Band Less than 24 Hours to go… See you at the Strawberry 🍓 Festival in Martins Ferry… https://t.co/XUbOnFzw0S

2 weeks ago
paulteare paulteare @manxboy

@DC_ARVSgt Either the degree is so poor that anyone can pass it
Next to no one who passes will be half decent c… https://t.co/o5JDh7auli

2 weeks ago
Sunchartist Sunchartist @sunchartist

Copper/Gold ratio: Today and tomorrow closing is make or break. yes, it could be an H&S but a rounding top se… https://t.co/imMLXCp5CA

2 weeks ago
Earth Save Products Earth Save Products @esavep

Proud suppliers of high quality @TelfordCylinder Copper & Stainless Steel Vented Cylinders & Unvented Cylinders… https://t.co/NiDONgq6oH

2 weeks ago
🌒ふう⚖(架空)🌒 🌒ふう⚖(架空)🌒 @SCHA_Il

Steampunk DIY Phone Case – Copper and Brass
おねえちゃん好きそう https://t.co/vjvqMGFReM

2 weeks ago
Wyatt Derp Wyatt Derp @WyattDerpy

@AwardsDarwin Five years old. The bare copper wires were sticking out of the wall. I reasoned that if 1.5 volts mad… https://t.co/F4g1LScNs7

2 weeks ago
Intergas Chelt Ltd Intergas Chelt Ltd @intergas

A pleasure to have recently installed a full heating system with cast iron rads, a little heavier but a little more… https://t.co/O0bRWWNzUP

2 weeks ago
tawr tawr @tawrbo

I’ve found if you sand a magnet to the copper layer, put a drop of flux, have your iron at 700F with a big blob of… https://t.co/d4kQvbCJjC

2 weeks ago
JrMiningNetwork JrMiningNetwork @JrMiningNetwork

TriMetals Mining and Wealth Minerals Enter into Definitive Share Purchase Agreement to Sell Escalones Copper-Gold P… https://t.co/so2ZWB00c0

2 weeks ago
Whitening Cream Whitening Cream @KateSpearrs

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ChengHaoRan 1m Magnet Wire 0.5mm Enameled Copper Wire Magnetic Coi… https://t.co/XK6Dhvy0oW

2 weeks ago
Ansmorbuy Ansmorbuy @AnsmorB

#computers|#electronics|#bluetooth|#tech The Longest Copper Wire Fairy Lights Decoration 50M 500 LED Lights Decorat… https://t.co/ctB7viQlL1

2 weeks ago
Webro Cables Webro Cables @Webrocables

Today’s #copper price is £4570.63. Featured #cable today is our RG59 & 2 power cores, often used as a composite cab… https://t.co/5LgZnDHfgn

2 weeks ago
Orange Beauty Orange Beauty @EvaaPetty

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ChengHaoRan 0.38mm red 1m QA-1-155 QA-180 Polyurethane enameled wi… https://t.co/4YwldcMCZM

2 weeks ago
Andrew Little Andrew Little @alittleinvic

Chris from Copper Sun Tours shows a frog as part of petroglyphs near Bella Coola #ExploreBC #BCTourismMatters https://t.co/voLvbTrb98

2 weeks ago
Football Observer Football Observer @Chris_Lomas_

1. NWA Straight Outta Compton
2. Ice Cube Predator
3. Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction
4. Michael Jackson Beat… https://t.co/WnYnDQzKdN

2 weeks ago
Anne Ciaccio Anne Ciaccio @AnneSara77

Adventures in hair color. Before, 2+ inches of roots, grown out blonde/red/copper. After, rose gold for brown hair… https://t.co/jjqSbNe81q

2 weeks ago