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ꜱᴀʀɪ ꜱᴀʀɪ @SariNotSana

@onlyxxio Hey baby, are you made of copper and tellurium because you’re CuTe. https://t.co/HxiN8SISo8

5 days ago
Tati Jewelry Tati Jewelry @TATIJewelry

Men’s earring Keys with heart. Mens dangle earring. Copper single men earring. One male earring. Gift for Men For g… https://t.co/oUPHtrJ7ct

2 weeks ago
TVCables TVCables @TVCables

Low price CAT5e Patch Cable UTP Full Copper, 4m, Grey £2.24, from TVCables https://t.co/K6VNfYmd1I

2 weeks ago
Yiqi Li Yiqi Li @QiQiGallery

Copper art large wall art copper painting copper home decor canvas art love birds wall decor shabby chic copper ann… https://t.co/0ubu0O4TLd

2 weeks ago
DCC 0-Level Character Generator DCC 0-Level Character Generator @dcc_0

This is Weekapaug, a wheat farmer with a pitchfork and a mule.

Str:6(⚂⚁⚀), Ag:11(⚄⚂⚂), Stam:8(⚁⚁⚃), Per:9(⚅⚀⚁), In… https://t.co/T5jm142Ajs

2 weeks ago
Meg 💚 #StayHomeSaveLives Meg 💚 #StayHomeSaveLives @tvfan201

@lacuchinaNZ The cramping after my second copper one was excruciating. First one was not bad. Not sure why that would be.

3 weeks ago
Yours, Occasionally Yours, Occasionally @maryhigley1

Earrings Aretes Hoops Silver and Gold Color Pierced Latch Back Copper Metal Vintage Jewelry Vendimia Joyeria… https://t.co/JZspTAyZNU

3 weeks ago
海外ニュース翻訳情報局★樺島万里子 海外ニュース翻訳情報局★樺島万里子 @KNHjyohokyoku

【今朝の世界のNewsの初見5/10】米議会西部議員連盟は、#COVID19 が原因で世界の重要鉱物のサプライチェーンが混乱していることを分析した最新の報告書から、国内での採掘と加工の拡大が急務であると主張。
生活に重要な鉱物の生… https://t.co/oYd1L3KZDc

3 weeks ago
Ayatakan lalafell Ayatakan lalafell @copper_ayataka

@mao_brand_ff14 @yucks2524 @TerusikiG @MapleTyphon wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

3 weeks ago
Thunder Thunder @KidThunderr_

@vPecz @TooGuud4Copper Enxel Skills
Enxel Master
Anxel Chndly
Anxel Copper

3 weeks ago
scorpy scorpy @scorpysteve

@RebeccaHarber2 @SamHarlan7 @RealCandaceO And if your husband killed a guy, over stealing his tools, or copper, a b… https://t.co/HM1IKolgwz

3 weeks ago
Samen sporten met plezier🇳🇱 Samen sporten met plezier🇳🇱 @Irfanitya

Sayangnya albronze nilainya semakin tinggi melebihi nilai mata uangnya, akhirnya uang koin sekarang dibuat cuma dar… https://t.co/PEAsSqf9Ka

3 weeks ago
Twilight Renaissance 2020 Twilight Renaissance 2020 @SarahJane_17

@hmroy_ @voorhaze Copper IUD sucks so much ass. I s2g if my doctor doesn’t just let me get my tubes tied after thes… https://t.co/MNm2xmcf3S

3 weeks ago
igavebirthtoPlantain igavebirthtoPlantain @DaquanTesla

@robharvey5 Dude! The matter at hand is about a copper tasering a civilian. My bio is irrelevant to the discussion.… https://t.co/A3Oih7rnlS

3 weeks ago
blank blank @AnnieFrank420

it warns not to use an IUD if you are allergic to – levonorgestrel, silicone, polyethylene, silver, silica, barium… https://t.co/Pa19B4yaqE

3 weeks ago
🌺まお@🍭テュポン鯖&🍞パンデモ鯖🌺 🌺まお@🍭テュポン鯖&🍞パンデモ鯖🌺 @mao_brand_ff14

@copper_ayataka @yucks2524 @TerusikiG @MapleTyphon あやたん、おはよぉ🌞
出来ればエレDCのララまおの方ともよろしくなのね⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝… https://t.co/2VjzyEmbuh

3 weeks ago
Peter Kazanjy Peter Kazanjy @Kazanjy

@benwbear @_harryhurst @Patticus IMO Hubspot CRM has succeeded Copper in terms of the best “beginner CRM”. But gene… https://t.co/4jNEo02w5L

3 weeks ago
Bar Keepers Friend Bar Keepers Friend @barkeeperfriend

Restoration projects are a big part of staying busy at home. Bar Keepers Friend can make your dull copper pots or p… https://t.co/t2hg6AmUqZ

3 weeks ago
jason momoa called me madam💁🏻‍♀️ jason momoa called me madam💁🏻‍♀️ @TheBookWraith

78% done with The Kingdom of Copper, by S.A. Chakraborty: Shit just got wilddddddddd!!!! https://t.co/HWxTGYMJOh

3 weeks ago
Hey Hey @jus_prado

@wayawaysaway I’m gonna have to convert to copper fit ice knee sleeves

3 weeks ago
John C. B. John C. B. @CatBirder27

The stores here have bouncers now.

Getting in to Petco wasn’t a problem. I worked my charm on the woman at the doo… https://t.co/N7e3fMOgsL

3 weeks ago
Ben Bear Ben Bear @benwbear

@_harryhurst @Patticus @Kazanjy Biting the bullet on salesforce and using a consultant to set it up right the first… https://t.co/4bAQGkKIO7

3 weeks ago
lu lu @lucymtennant

@HellaMarvin i only wear gold bb. rose gold is mostly copper 🤢

4 weeks ago
Ben Heckendorn Ben Heckendorn @benheck

@BlastoSupreme Depends. The thin recycled Ultra ATA is solid core copper, the 28 gauge is stranded aluminum.

4 weeks ago
`ซ@เดี๋ยวมา `ซ@เดี๋ยวมา @Samepaixxx

@copper_no ไม่ได้หื่นแค่ชอบว่าว

4 weeks ago
nukie 😴 nukie 😴 @_bradernuks_

i bought myself a Copper non-stick pan!!!

i feel satisfied now

1 month ago
Lisa Ma-pcp Lisa Ma-pcp @LisaMa26991360

Pressure Gauge:

-Thread:M8*1/M10*1 NPT/BSPP
-Material:Copper alloy
-Diameter:23/25m… https://t.co/W0RaFCXi4V

1 month ago
Thé Ållån Čøûntÿ🇺🇬 Thé Ållån Čøûntÿ🇺🇬 @AllanSseky

@ronirhymes When I eat her best friend…and she is sweeter than my girlfriend….
We exchange…it means her best… https://t.co/CNEmBPdjDK

1 month ago
askii, computer girl 📂 askii, computer girl 📂 @askiicmp

boy howdy I love feeling like my memories are locked away in a box and my brain is a series of lemons and copper wi… https://t.co/yYJe4hP1j8

1 month ago
Leeroy Leeroy @Leeroy77998276

@KTHopkins Weres a copper when you don’t need 1 eating a choc ice was a nice day and didn’t drip any down the shirt the best cops 😂

1 month ago
The Zambian Observer The Zambian Observer @ZambianObserver

Glencore Rescinds Its Mopani Copper Mine Decision, Appoints Charles Sakanya As Acting CEO. https://t.co/6cNUBJUIIu https://t.co/6eF4bCkXxi

1 month ago
Baylan Megino Baylan Megino @baylan

East Japan venture develops copper fiber sheet that hastens virus particle inactivation – The Mainichi https://t.co/eYFTqhv8BW

2 months ago
HotDeals HotDeals @nokwsd

Monoprice Cat6 Outdoor Rated Ethernet Patch Cable – 75 Feet – White | Snagless RJ45, Stranded, 550MHz, UTP, Pure Ba… https://t.co/JDVVcfPR2J

2 months ago
Dr. Matt Lee 🏡 Dr. Matt Lee 🏡 @mattl

@outonbluesix Two Pints of Lager for Crime Traveller but as a concession, one person out of Hollyoaks can be a youn… https://t.co/dwvfZrEcdj

2 months ago
marianne amodio marianne amodio @marianneamodio

@rooostyfitall @wrathofgnon @stevemouzon Most copper pipe in building renovations are replaced with plastic pex. Aren’t we clever?

2 months ago