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Matt Gordon (CRUX Investor) Matt Gordon (CRUX Investor) @CruxInvestor
#Nickel investors excited as M&A Hots up “Copper prices move up more than 10%.” “COVID’s impact on different meta… https://t.co/F4MA4jWY3n
2 hours ago
Dog Daze - staying at home Dog Daze - staying at home @dolallydogs

Sad news received, my @DogsTrust
sponsor dog, Copper at @DT_Darlington has died after a long and happy life. Run f… https://t.co/uAjVNB2FCY

2 hours ago
Denise Ashley Denise Ashley @deniseashley83

BNC Compression Connector,RG59 Crimper Video Plug Extension Coaxial Siamese Cable Connectors Coax Crimper Adapter 2… https://t.co/af65jBhm7z

2 hours ago
Apranik/آپرانيك Apranik/آپرانيك @TheRealApranik

@longinuscassi Yes. She recommended PURE copper utensils (more likely to be oxidised). Copper utensils that aren’t… https://t.co/7IBsDfUBq1

2 hours ago
UVA Science Pubs UVA Science Pubs @UvaScience_Pubs

Trinuclear copper biocatalytic center forms an active site of thiocyanate dehydrogenase. https://t.co/YCG5S8AHLO https://t.co/zxyf78AqCb

2 hours ago
Johnnymelanson8 Johnnymelanson8 @melansonjason8

@geoff_buxcey no answer eh copper…. CORRUPTION IS THE RCMP JUST LIKE BIG BIZ THEY ELIMINATED THE MOM AND POP POLI… https://t.co/IhFjeLdE8f

3 days ago
The Guild Bulletin The Guild Bulletin @GuildBulletin

RT @dTAYLORrpg: After 9 long months, my one-page adventure A SILVER DARK is one – JUST ONE – sale away from finally… https://t.co/tphwhoMNv4

3 days ago
Catalina Pérez Diputada Catalina Pérez Diputada @CatalinaPerezS

El Gobierno no escuchó a nadie, por supuesto, y ninguna cuarentena tocó a la industria minera. Hoy casi la mitad de… https://t.co/wgywfAcp5u

3 days ago
Senator Ed McBroom Senator Ed McBroom @SenEdMcBroom

This “tiny house” was constructed entirely by students at the Copper Country ISD’s Career and Technical Education C… https://t.co/81yde8YPo8

7 days ago
Vintage4Moms Werbung Vintage4Moms Werbung @VINTAGE4MOMS

Wooden cross copper Jesus handmade 1940s Made in Germany church decoration grave equipment wall decoration Jesus Ch… https://t.co/QT54l0HFXS

1 week ago
Vincent Venturella Vincent Venturella @warhammerweekly

@MooseGeek_ 4 drops of vallejo metal color gold to 2 drops of VAllejo metal color copper

1 week ago
Mandy Treptow Glass Mandy Treptow Glass @treptowglass

Well, Day 10 without Internet or WiFi. When you run an online business, then that is, putting it mildly, frustratin… https://t.co/VmS6lmpBOM

1 week ago
Billie Whisler Billie Whisler @WhislerBillie

Unbelievable is right. I love all Americans but have you seen what those Indians have done to all the homes that we… https://t.co/R7fmXvdZPj

1 week ago
Stock News Now Stock News Now @StockNewsNow

$SUNM.V High-Grade Growth: Drilling Begins at Sun Metals’ Stardust Copper-Gold Project

1 week ago
Mr. T Mr. T @ahbumusa

Arizona’s Six C’s are: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, Climate and Coronavirus https://t.co/9BTf4ObPVb

1 week ago
SluzCap SluzCap @SluzCap

From PI note on K92 this a.m “The production beat can be attributed to gold and copper grades that were above our e… https://t.co/bCeItQ8pHI

1 week ago
Karla 🍑 #Notbythe☾ Karla 🍑 #Notbythe☾ @heykarlaj


✅ Reusable and washable up to 30days
✅ Includes 10 non woven fabric that is also washable fo… https://t.co/vamsZCDQev

1 week ago
Electronzap circuits Electronzap circuits @electronzap

Looks nice #affiliatelink #ad: Makeronics Solderless 3220 Breadboard Complete Kit-3220 Tie-Points Experiment Plug-i… https://t.co/lgbfM5rZ5z

2 weeks ago
w3st_lee w3st_lee @IveSeenFootage

Please RT!!

I am selling these copper industrial lamps I made for $50 each. $25 covers the materials, and the oth… https://t.co/qwyfmHHnfN

2 weeks ago
Explus Co., Ltd Explus Co., Ltd @ExplusPCB

NPTH (Non Plating Through Hole) refers to a hole in the borehole wall without copper. It is generally used as the p… https://t.co/gT2QHvxxck

2 weeks ago
Internet Electrical Internet Electrical @interelectrical

#Kitchen project on the go?

Why not check out the #copper range from Varilight.

Includes #LED dimming and #USB ch… https://t.co/aFjWwyQ2om

2 weeks ago
Kevin Kevin @KevinBrashear

@bestalbum95 “Copper Blue” by Sugar was the best album of 1992, but there were a few other good ones that year as well.

2 weeks ago
jasmine jasmine @Jazzy_Phizzleee

@TessaPaisa @byKalypso Well a bitch just might be getting a copper IUD then 🤔🤔🤔

2 weeks ago
John Strawser Jr. John Strawser Jr. @johnstrawserjr

My hypothesis is there is big time overlap between the people that buy those “Copper Fit” knee braces & people who… https://t.co/UNxzISsako

2 weeks ago
Stormyville Stormyville @StormyBurgundy

Mine has a copper cup so I know it’s right.

2 weeks ago
CopperCrystal CopperCrystal @copper_crystal

@EquestriaDaily That convention party is something I’d like to see.
In case that there are any further pre-war conv… https://t.co/CuxAopAC1r

2 weeks ago
Truth SeeQer Truth SeeQer @TSeeqer

@99freemind @MadAddictSport People realise that a coin made of some sort of metal (particularly copper – assuming w… https://t.co/fXQ8zG6oam

2 weeks ago
Jody DeRidder Jody DeRidder @jlderidder

How long virus lasts on surfaces: Air: 3 hours
Plastic: Up to 72 hours
Stainless steel: Up to 72 hours
Copper: Up t… https://t.co/z40htJK0h6

2 weeks ago
City of Two Rivers City of Two Rivers @CityofTwoRivers

Congratulate the COP that catches you.

It’s a game man…..

Old School

Now take me to Jail Copper https://t.co/8IYgKrt7RV

2 weeks ago
TheNoble187 TheNoble187 @TheNoble187

@suede_santoro None of dem are the copper coloured people’s of the America’s

2 weeks ago
Botanical Britt🌿 Botanical Britt🌿 @Brittisanasian

@brvlee Hello! I pour my whole heart into these handmade pieces! I use real 24 kt gold flakes, real copper, and han… https://t.co/5ooqG8nfZL

2 weeks ago
Dr. Mahesh Jain Dr. Mahesh Jain @ScienceNgod

People Are Buying Up Copper Face Masks, But the Claims Behind Them Are Unsubstantiated https://t.co/2mRlk2abZT

2 weeks ago
J.P. Tomcik J.P. Tomcik @WarptotheStars

@BadBradRSR Two of my buddies and I built a fire in the snow laden forest so hot we melted copper. That was dope.

2 weeks ago
Jane Jane @jrayner896

@Tigg77 @CharlizeTheroff Agree. My hairdresser likes that I’m adventurous. We went wild this time because I had to… https://t.co/3g8FBOSRiD

2 weeks ago
Danbury Dame Danbury Dame @SuePriestley

@GraemeEdwards1 You created a bridge from a neighbouring pot, then it has gone down to hide under the rim- trapped on pot by copper band?

2 weeks ago
Matt 🇬🇧🇵🇱🇺🇸🇨🇩 Matt 🇬🇧🇵🇱🇺🇸🇨🇩 @MattStirner

#Gold and #copper are also my plays. I would add #oil (although that’s got all sorts of geopolitical risk attached). https://t.co/fx2dcfOoMo

2 weeks ago
Leonard Leonard @mrkeithalanrob1

Banned by social media & interview by police (can’t police BLM rioters but can interview for comments) for stating… https://t.co/aoJETP6wJw

2 weeks ago
Joao M. Joao M. @mottajg

Keen on #MachineLearning applications on #minerals prospectivity? See this fresh paper using support vector machine… https://t.co/KviovqsjOw

4 weeks ago