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Got to hangout with my friends Dave and Sherri @airdm2000 in Copper Canyon, TX. And… worked in a trip to… https://t.co/fAJYt1eLb1

4 days ago
ICT Magazine ICT Magazine @ICT_magazine

On average, copper beds harbored 94% fewer bacteria than conventional beds.


4 days ago
Mining Company Mining Company @Tahoe_Gold

#Copper price approaching the 200 moving average. Historically, Copper reached an all time high of 4.63 in February of 2011.

4 days ago
Sameer Suresh Nikam Sameer Suresh Nikam @SameerNikam_11

“Two pearls have been dissolved, 27 gold coins have been lost and of the silver and copper the total cannot be cast… https://t.co/6nBOdcSmd9

4 days ago
Robin Mayes Robin Mayes @Robin25461631

#PERE Bought a wedge of these . Copper and gold prices trending higher and they are growing production and getting… https://t.co/bbYGslMJQM

4 days ago
MacGregor MacGregor @HartnerJulie

@nicholasrmiller Time for a serious study on what is making Americans so dumb! Possible culprits: Heavy metals in o… https://t.co/f1q8LF81ty

4 days ago
Groggy Groggy @GroggyDealer

#ARS #copper correlation. Has to close at some point particularly if copper continues its run. https://t.co/LwqfKYtAhc

4 days ago
Lora Serra Lora Serra @serra_artcraft

Peacock Courtyard Light Switch Cover,Peacock Double Rocker Light Switch Cover, Copper Light Switch Cover, Peacock M… https://t.co/jeHbfWEWOc

4 days ago
Sports Chatter Sports Chatter @IndySports317

@NoblesvillePD Thanks! Had someone pass me the other day right by Copper Still as if we were on a highway. Had to be going at least 45-50.

4 days ago
Cubralco Limited Cubralco Limited @cubralco

Remember it’s not just about copper. Cubralco stock valves, connectors and lots more plumbing products including… https://t.co/IJe4rfNu5k

4 days ago
Helander Metal Helander Metal @helander_metal

With applications across a variety of industries, rolled cylinders can be made from materials including carbon stee… https://t.co/HMVEGXopDa

4 days ago
Lawrence McDonald Lawrence McDonald @Convertbond

Dr. Copper is making a move, stronger CNY in China is a substantial economic boost for the RoW – Rest of the World.… https://t.co/HkxDhv28Lu

4 days ago
Bobette Bobette @bobette_copper

@atensnut Juanita do you have any foundations we can donate to?

4 days ago
Tommy Tommy @tw_tommy

@iron_and_copper 集まる人の居住地に拠りますが、人口比的には悪くないと思います。東武線沿線の人がいない時には川越辺りも選択肢かもしれませんね。

4 days ago
Lainie Hanson Lainie Hanson @e_hanson89

@BadMammyBlog ino its 🤯🤯 i cant use hormonal forms, bet its more fun than copper 😩

4 days ago
Richard Richard @Styledgentleman

@MacaPaca666 Plenty of companies positioned to take advantage of rising copper prices . Just broke 2.87

4 days ago
Harold Harold @dirtyharryson

$Copper breaking out. Next level of resistance at $3 $hg_f https://t.co/KNFoauncmT

4 days ago
Rockcliff Metals Rockcliff Metals @RockcliffMetals

$RCLF Rockcliff to Complete 70,000 Metre Drill Program on Copper Properties in 2020

#Rockcliff #Mining https://t.co/VNjrRl0koR

4 days ago
Central Asia Metals Central Asia Metals @CamlMetals

As we anticipate the signing of phase 1 of the China – US deal, banks are expecting to see a spike in the copper pr… https://t.co/4ESsZDCpbl

4 days ago
Shaman Capital Shaman Capital @Shamancapital

This has the potential to really make #copper launch IMO. Trump and Modi are pretty tight.

US President Donald Tr… https://t.co/Hmadt5LwAj

4 days ago
Donald Drumpf Donald Drumpf @realdonald1313

Roses are copper primroses … sienna : is sweet and so on

4 days ago
JrMiningNetwork JrMiningNetwork @JrMiningNetwork

Rockcliff to Complete 70,000 Metre Drill Program on Copper Properties in 2020 https://t.co/58HNKVNQVW

4 days ago
Crwe World Crwe World @CrweWorld

Rockcliff to Complete 70,000 Metre Drill Program on Copper Properties in 2020 https://t.co/PniE6l4hT4

4 days ago
The Baffler The Baffler @thebafflermag

From @malloy_online, how a century of copper mining, class war, and deindustrialization scarred Butte, Montana and… https://t.co/DCtVxNmxLn

4 days ago
Phillip Brown Phillip Brown @forensicphil

@AmyJoHeg Got it. Line of Duty. I have been mistaken for a DS or DCI
loads of times. Even police have thought i was a copper.

4 days ago
GellatioBot GellatioBot @GellatioBot

People are copper, peonies are thistle, Gay people is dead and so on.

4 days ago
Nigel Freestone Nigel Freestone @FreestoneNigel

Over half the lead produced today is used in lead-acid #car batteries. While lead does occur (rarely) in nature in… https://t.co/HxQ8Bs3saS

4 days ago
mp mp @Morellpanilagao

@AraMnlsts tapos pagaralan natin ang copper at tellurium kase you are Cu-Te

4 days ago
TVCables TVCables @TVCables

High quality CAT5e Ethernet Cable UTP Full Copper, 20m, Brown £5.96, from TVCables https://t.co/B9s80DvACs

4 days ago
Newsfile Newsfile @newsfile_corp

Rockcliff to Complete 70,000 Metre Drill Program on Copper Properties in 2020

Full Story: https://t.co/2kcaDcdAq9… https://t.co/IgxOPeQyMN

4 days ago
Nightmare Poison Nightmare Poison @_Fire_Blast_


4 days ago
Goddess Olivia Rose ✈️ AVN Jan 17-26 Goddess Olivia Rose ✈️ AVN Jan 17-26 @OliviaRoseXXX

@freckledRED_ I have a copper iud horror story, myself. Six months of bleeding followed by my body forcing it out o… https://t.co/mXdTnslNzy

1 week ago
Mat Fournier Mat Fournier @mat4nier

I can’t find the numbers of what this cost the co. I can find estimates that it could have been $1 bil. I find es… https://t.co/TZXhAKLaK1

1 week ago
Copper Copper @Copper_Gal

Thank You…..THANK YOU ….
We might just get MORE… TO SE… https://t.co/j7JpshfWWr

1 week ago
Onlinecopperutensil Onlinecopperutensil @Onlinecopperut1

According to their sales pitches, storing drinking water in a copper vessel could improve your immune system, decre… https://t.co/tVTCSEnLIj

2 weeks ago