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trader matrix trader matrix @tradermatrix
NEW DAWN FACTION is buying 90x COPPER at 800 Cr/unit
1 day ago
Portage Health Foundation Portage Health Foundation @phfgive

New pod! In this one we dive into Copper Country Senior Meals with their director Jennifer. This is one of our 18 n… https://t.co/Oy9l7Cpmlz

1 day ago
Stock Market Genius Stock Market Genius @stockmktgenius

$SCCO Southern Copper Corporati Leading stock #BreakOutWatch Recent close 60.85 Liquidity: $30M https://t.co/JpbVISlFg2

1 day ago
David Stevens David Stevens @davids_999

This was taken in my son’s garden in Massachusetts. I think it is the caterpillar of The Copper Underwing moth (Amp… https://t.co/Eiw9znNAMy

1 day ago
Dormant stormont Dormant stormont @Kieran32548666

@JakeOKane I’m not with virgin, but this appears to be common problem across Belfast, virgin will explain it’s an… https://t.co/ISLqioLxrD

1 day ago
Glenn Galen Glenn Galen @GlennGalen

New artwork for sale! – “Copper Country Limited – Cold Night Stop” – https://t.co/CgKIMIvEnm @fineartamerica https://t.co/CndJXipb7a

1 day ago
CGTN Africa CGTN Africa @cgtnafrica

The African #Renaissance Monument is a 49 m (161 ft) tall copper statue located on top of one of the… https://t.co/SLrvvkTbUk

3 days ago
🐸 Noel 52%er No Deal 🐸 Noel 52%er No Deal @talk_noel

@NormanBrennan @white_arrow_uk I stand with every good copper, but I detest to my very core a bent copper.

3 days ago
Sigcario🇷🇺 Sigcario🇷🇺 @TicTec9

About to get a large amount of copper from the construction site

3 days ago
Don Feeney Don Feeney @positivefeen

Expansions. Again most people with silver are going to be very wealthy in a year. Its a good metal to invest in. Mu… https://t.co/nkt3fbFzgY

3 days ago
うどん氏 うどん氏 @udonshin_copper

レディース&ジェントルメン無限回収します!!!!!(ただしアケやってない方がいたらそちらに優先して回してくださいこっちは普通に回しますので) https://t.co/GLP8XUaDlr

4 days ago
Daysia's Bot Daysia's Bot @DaysiaBot

Noses are copper peonies are silver sugar is sweet and so on

4 days ago
vagnerresearch vagnerresearch @vagnerresearch

Mongolia raises heat on Rio Tinto over vast Oyu Tolgoi copper mine https://t.co/vgC1zBqS7Y

4 days ago
Alasdair Thompson Alasdair Thompson @ajthompson13

It’s not only House price’s that are rising rapidly.
So are share prices works wide, land prices, quality art, Bit… https://t.co/1HP1tm0a9a

4 days ago
Frances Leader Frances Leader @2013Boodicca

@QFizzycyst I knew it. COPPER.
You do know who you are speaking to, don’t you?
Check your database between doughnuts.

4 days ago
• 𝐅𝐢𝐯𝐞 • 𝐅𝐢𝐯𝐞 @TimeJmpMistakes

@NOLONGERBARKER just want to get home, and to do that, I need to fix this.” He waved his hand at the mess of wires… https://t.co/y9UT0NLP74

4 days ago
TVCables TVCables @TVCables

Low price CAT5e Ethernet Cable UTP Full Copper, 15m, Red £5.40, from TVCables https://t.co/uRbat8h1iU

4 days ago
Jason Jason @Krazy_Copper

@williamTylerhi2 Investment banker. Nice try though. 😉 30 seconds. 🤷🏻‍♂️ you were triggered enough to look. 😉 Civil… https://t.co/Hxg2wo7fRJ

4 days ago
FM FM @Franklin_FinAus

@KumovaTolga Yeap …. 👏👏👏.
The eyes @KumovaTolga are able to spot Amazing Deposits #Gold #copper #Zinc #nickel 🦅🦅… https://t.co/IIflLPmz1V

4 days ago
Radio 703 Radio 703 @MightiJamie

@PaulivW Great take but why that name, it’s associated with a political campaign for a specific candidate.

If And… https://t.co/WWiNc0Q7GL

6 days ago
Steve Steve @steveonhols

Copper demand on the up. As we move to renewable energy and EVs the demand will continue to grow.
#copper #BZT


6 days ago
General Finishes General Finishes @GeneralFinishes

Desk makeover by Art is Beauty! Top was sanded down and stained with #GeneralFinishes Java Gel Stain and the base… https://t.co/679Oj61b0P

6 days ago
DIXIEPLY Florida DIXIEPLY Florida @Dixieply

An impressive application of #MakeItMetal #Copper over a standard slab entry door that turned it into a remarkable… https://t.co/JJvK5ZtgJ9

6 days ago

kindly smart traders book part profit in #Copper @554, this time get above @8000/- per lot profit and revise sl cos… https://t.co/x1zGZqHrsD

6 days ago
🍀 🍀 @bingchuu

I rly like this genre/style? Of both copper coins and nanchan? I feel like they have similar vibe …maybe it’s the… https://t.co/ocq6fvEhf1

6 days ago
Alexandre Baradez Alexandre Baradez @ABaradez

Pullback du cuivre sur l’oblique (surtout lié à l’effet dollar)

#Copper –> https://t.co/DuWzLWCYLh

6 days ago
🥀 🥀 @Trishamillenyah

sar paorder po copper mask tas M.U tayo sar payag ka na 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

6 days ago
Adipose Ouroboros Adipose Ouroboros @unseulours

@SimmyWuff @RotundFox As always, this was beautifully done. Glaz, Simmy, Copper, and Wolfie are always so enjoyable… https://t.co/gtq6DkVhmz

6 days ago
$treet Trader $treet Trader @Street__Trader

$ADHC .004 chop chop lets see that copper run

6 days ago
Movie Title Bot v2 Movie Title Bot v2 @oreibot

Coming in 2060…

John Brown’s Epic Quest for Copper

Featuring, Mary Hernandez and Susan Jones

1 week ago
DatFantasyKiddd DatFantasyKiddd @NewNewFantasyFB

@BlueSeatBlogs @bill_goldthorpe Lots of studies show chlorine is a carcinogen (cancer causer). If you have kids tha… https://t.co/A8SpaCBjZI

1 week ago