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Interiorlab_Clock Interiorlab_Clock @InteriorlabC
インテリア メタルクロック Copper Rectangle Rustic Large Wall Clock 14-inch – | Interiorlab-clock https://t.co/o6WAPbESAn… https://t.co/8vWOMHRWbk
1 day ago
BlackPhysicists BlackPhysicists @BlackPhysicists

Ibuprofen as a corrosion inhibitor for copper in synthetic acid rain solution https://t.co/jC9sNgdofP https://t.co/in4zotg2CZ

1 day ago
Sergio Palazzi Sergio Palazzi @CanonF1

@NeilWithers In the giant illustrated periodic table that we’re completing on a window of the school, this is coppe… https://t.co/KiArOQi3LN

1 day ago
Dougy's Daily Digest Dougy's Daily Digest @skinnergj

Copper mine deaths probe to resume after legal challenge, six years after trio’s loss – ABC News (Australian Broadc… https://t.co/PMBBovnb5I

1 day ago
Joyful by Nature Joyful by Nature @JoyfulByNature

Here are our Earth and Ocean natural wenge wood and ocean jasper bracelets. With silver or copper. Custom-sized, ha… https://t.co/YN601qaMKB

1 day ago

@PPHMerchants sell copper pipe & fittings! Open weekdays 6:30am-7pm, Saturday 7am-5pm and Sunday 9am-2pm. https://t.co/SiDwH6q2Bm

1 day ago
Copper Copper @SS_Copper

@PieterTroffaes I mean…no..but it is defintly the @Unshackled_Fury logo..I dont think it would be kosher to sell it to someone else.

7 days ago
Show Your Colours Show Your Colours @showurcolours

Show Your Colours Copper Wired Africa Pendant Necklace – Handmade in JAMAICA- 32 Inches
#showyourcolours https://t.co/mvDVwsHORB

7 days ago
Donna Bruck Donna Bruck @FallHolidaze

Cleopatra Necklace, copper, turquoise, onyx, crystal. Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://t.co/3CZ289Ac0v

7 days ago
King's Florist Winnipeg King's Florist Winnipeg @MonicaW22633573

This elegant fall rose bouquet, artistically arranged in a copper-plated cube with punched leaf motif, will warm th… https://t.co/hCcUXewSbd

7 days ago
RadioSky-Music Jazz RadioSky-Music Jazz @RadioSkyMusic

John Barry – Copper Colored Gal – The Cotton Club (OST) — https://t.co/efNDD2lURA Good Listening

7 days ago
Berrien Berrien @PieterTroffaes

@SS_Copper Did someone pay you to use that cause I have… um… reasons I might at some point if they’re not gonna.

7 days ago
DeniedMoto GP DeniedMoto GP @XaMoto20

@TrevorWoggon Oh there is, believe me. I’m copper 5 in that department.

7 days ago
explorercheck explorercheck @explorercheck

Surge Exploration: Von Majors im Golden Triangle umzingelt

▶️ https://t.co/HHNNZU6Df0

$SUR.v $SURJF #mining https://t.co/lLecgujzBL

1 week ago
Vet Vet @blkromo

@ShannonSharpe The pass could have been slightly better but Copper clearly drop that pass. The ball went through bo… https://t.co/90BjMG6tbW

1 week ago
Batesy Batesy @batesylufc2

@LeedsUnitedYEP @GrahamSmyth Yep so basically they’re going to brush it under the carpet. As for the fans trying to… https://t.co/cNFunUeGeh

1 week ago
🐚🦋 MissAtomicBomb 🦋🐚 🐚🦋 MissAtomicBomb 🦋🐚 @Legally_Copper

En resumen la fuga de Aida Merlano le beneficia a medio país, porque básicamente, medio país es corrupto.

2 weeks ago
Tom Harris Tom Harris @Og_tom_

*Asked about my favorite things for a profile. Me out loud: “Is it appropriate to write ‘reading comments on satiri… https://t.co/3NOdi6pmvp

2 weeks ago
Chantel Chantel @CUPCAKES2COFFEE

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Copper key Gray cowl neck short slv sweater dress.… https://t.co/qHcYYr43JX

2 weeks ago
Fimbar Fimbar @MaxEndah

Pen Pin Pan panoramic ‘RAM LAMB’ theophany fork off any copper color pussy! #xyz

2 weeks ago
Au 79 ^_^ Au 79 ^_^ @tekhelet

Just like Australia. The majority of population wanted high speed fibre Internet. But a few old politicians refused… https://t.co/OY94axy38P

2 weeks ago
Hunter Supreme Hunter Supreme @HunterSupreme1

Supreme Gonz Logo Hoodie Sweatshirt Large Copper Orange Black Box Logo SS18 2018 https://t.co/9isIYkoo1S… https://t.co/HMzItEB5lw

2 weeks ago
Vintage4Moms Werbung Vintage4Moms Werbung @VINTAGE4MOMS

Mid Century Vintage SCHOTT MAINZ Tea glasses Copper serving plate Teak wooden handles Brass and copper serving set.… https://t.co/Sf9RZWjn7w

3 weeks ago
capcitycrafts capcitycrafts @capcitycrafts

Handmade Acorn Pendant in Copper and Sterling Silver Unisex Nature Lovers Gift https://t.co/38ShLyMpoG… https://t.co/Eych6bchOo

3 weeks ago
Ben Martin ☜ Ben Martin ☜ @Social_Ben

Missing electrons reveal the true face of a new copper-based catalyst https://t.co/UvOr9jI6YE

3 weeks ago
Andy Vermaut Andy Vermaut @AndyVermaut

Missing electrons reveal the true face of a new copper-based catalyst https://t.co/M2E5nlvfMa

3 weeks ago
alwaysgr33n alwaysgr33n @alwaysgr33n

Who is playing #wowclassic #forthehorde on Rattlegore? @Warcraft
WTB pst/cod 100%

Mystery Meat 1s75c/per
Raptor… https://t.co/tzAFMe9DtJ

3 weeks ago
Lisa Lisa @voudaux

Howlite Coin Shell Beaded Handmade Boho 3 Stack Bracelets White Brown Copper 7″ https://t.co/hZSSYBZRKQ @eBay https://t.co/FyvrF0l8B9

3 weeks ago
Philia☆Masamune Philia☆Masamune @winnermcwinners

Okay it’s time to go to copper bell aojdhda I’m still so anxious but I’m not babey I will go and toughen up

3 weeks ago
E^2 E^2 @Epower2_ant

He helped turn the Murray-Darling into a toxic sewer. You can see the blue tinge of copper sulfate in town drinking… https://t.co/Uvg7unER4W

4 weeks ago