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RJO Futures RJO Futures @rjofutures

Positive Supply/Demand News for Copper – May copper started the week higher, trading up to 2.9325 before pulling ba… https://t.co/6QfQGlFJAA

3 hours ago
RLMeyer RLMeyer @rl_meyer

METALS-Copper inches higher on China’s tax cut, Q2 growth hopes | Article [AMP] | Reuters https://t.co/HoJtrX6e0t

3 hours ago
SanthanamVaidya SanthanamVaidya @sanvai

Metals into new bull orbit!
Aluminium Copper Zinc …..Breaking out big!
NYMEX 59 crude exploding big, Brent 68 too… https://t.co/gAUwwOdHUe

3 hours ago
PangeaBed PangeaBed @PangeaBed

Don’t just take our word for it…

Seriously. Check out some thoughts from real customers in this article on how t… https://t.co/V6rWACPmCc

3 hours ago
Devin Nunes' Pissed-off Hemorrhoid Devin Nunes' Pissed-off Hemorrhoid @missykender

@CBCheeses You forgot to close the circle. It’s a closed circle which contains power, by leaving it open, all the p… https://t.co/7De1D5CnSJ

3 hours ago
Róisín Róisín @roisinod

@PMc276 @josefoshea Or if you’ve ever lived West of the Shannon, it would be Copper Face Smacs 👍🏻

3 hours ago
Microbiome Papers Microbiome Papers @MicrobiomePaper

Response of antibiotic resistance genes abundance by graphene oxide during the anaerobic digestion of swine manure… https://t.co/78IRne6PVB

3 hours ago

Copper Morning buy call near

Now. high 450.5

Up 7 Rs

7000 Per lot

Yesterday also posted General Msg to bu… https://t.co/jEiT7Bf9jy

3 hours ago
moemoe moemoe @epic_fnord

@nicoduck This looks like a soldering problem, when done properly the fr4 and copper delaminate, when reinforced wi… https://t.co/33zlQiGdTV

3 hours ago
Copper💎ft.มาๆหายๆ Copper💎ft.มาๆหายๆ @copper_1997

@Mome_zeen วันนี้กูเจอเขามาเดอะตรีท กูมานั้งอ่านหนังสือ คนเยอะชิบหาย

3 hours ago
papaos toolbox papaos toolbox @PapaosToolbox

📷 jeanburgers: Assembly of the copper & garnet Custom version of the Indra’s Net pendant! . See my… https://t.co/KH6LFzp6wa

3 hours ago
Buzz.ie Buzz.ie @buzzdotie

The owner of Supermacs is reportedly thinking about buying Copper Face Jacks.

2 days ago
sheila Wells sheila Wells @Sheilas_Perfume

@kt1465 Our Copper will wait for no good weather he will go out in all sorts

2 days ago
Chowkidar Anand Purohit Chowkidar Anand Purohit @AnandAzaad

While working in @ABVPVoice, always saw professors and full-time activists carry a copper glass to avoid plastic gl… https://t.co/S8hNsKjrK6

2 days ago
Lian Petty Lian Petty @LianPetty

These two ex-Facebook interns want to replace gaming cafes with thermal copper pillar bumps

3 days ago
kirby griese jr kirby griese jr @keebie81

I gotta say this @MatterHackers Astronaut Phil printed very well on the Monoprice Delta Mini with this Hatxhbox cop… https://t.co/jSnI3DJm5O

3 days ago
Raül Sala Naranjo Raül Sala Naranjo @Lobonidas

@Auto_Porn I don’t think black out is a nice aesthetic. But, if you add some bronze/copper here and there, you migh… https://t.co/ZbL42KQEXB

3 days ago
Levi Krain Levi Krain @LeviKrain

The copper domes of a hundred minarets twinkled in the desert sun like a hundred hungry eyes winking at him as he a… https://t.co/CGdpDCTQmv

6 days ago
Timothy King Kincade Timothy King Kincade @kingkincade

@PrimeJaylon I’m saying bro he lead the league in drops well both did. I will say Copper is better route runner han… https://t.co/mFs4dTXnUI

6 days ago
Zoya UK Zoya UK @ZoyaUK

Make magic happen with our stunning Yuna – as seen on pinselstrich 🌌 we love the gold and copper accents ✨… https://t.co/W7gSiedX7R

6 days ago
tina newman tina newman @tinaweit

@tlecaque @ProfFrisch Well, now I hear they were slaves to copper producing native Americans. I certainly don’t kno… https://t.co/DnYHwqo9aB

1 week ago
Montana Tweets Montana Tweets @Montana_Tweets

Release of Draft EIS Marks Another Key Milestone for Black Butte Copper Project, Montana https://t.co/7i82FZWLNl

1 week ago
Apophradillic Grizzly Apophradillic Grizzly @goodlimediner

Our pitiful world; we pack a corpse in copper and steel that it might for an extra year bewilder the dust. And yet… https://t.co/VBnUrTtCYd

1 week ago
matt matt @jewna2

@napskamun I’m pretty sure its copper oxidation. A quick wipe and some oil will make it look brand new

1 week ago
mattspop mattspop @mattspop

Earrings, Copper Dipped in Silver Elegant Dropper £12.00 https://t.co/apBthIuhAQ

2 weeks ago
peter cave peter cave @flossopher

@helensclegel @BritSciAssoc I must link – for I do wonder what counts as ‘democratise science’ – presumably it does… https://t.co/6CU8YOT3G1

2 weeks ago
Copper.Ayataka(PPF)@FF14,ULTTIMA鯖 Copper.Ayataka(PPF)@FF14,ULTTIMA鯖 @copper_ayataka

@maki_clef @Geease_FF14 wwwwww

2 weeks ago
Noticias Venezuela Noticias Venezuela @NoticiasVenezue

¿Sabes lo que son las mechas Copper Lights? Pues te las vas a hacer si tienes el pelo castaño…… https://t.co/O2RNXyfvJe

2 weeks ago
BelieveInYourself😎 BelieveInYourself😎 @sethu1215

The holy door, made of quality teak wood, is plated with at least four kilograms of gold after engraving and emboss… https://t.co/DjzLbTLfKq

2 weeks ago
GEM Royalty TNR Gold Corp. GEM Royalty TNR Gold Corp. @TNR_Gold

.@kirillklip: “TNR’s #business plan includes investigating new strategic acquisitions and developing the Shotgun… https://t.co/YUXHLPJDCl

2 weeks ago
The Doghouse Bruges The Doghouse Bruges @Doghouse_Bruges

Sunny corner
Look at the warmth that these copper lights and teak framed mirror bring to this corner 😊
The two li… https://t.co/SCkInFWJrt

2 weeks ago
SNKRengineer SNKRengineer @SNKRengineer


Check out my listing @eBayhttps://t.co/IRi0hsGf59 via @eBay

2 weeks ago
Michael Johnson Michael Johnson @_M_K_J_

My grandpa was told he needed a pacemaker today. His only concern was that he didn’t want any copper wire put in hi… https://t.co/JZp3BioP2w

2 weeks ago
Golden Fleece Golden Fleece @Mintgecko

Love the consolidation in $FPC. One I’ve been building a position in, added some more today. $OR continues to show… https://t.co/UjDGsFcGSN

2 weeks ago